The Experts on Magnus Sodamin + Autumn Casey


From June 16-19, galleries, collectors, and art connoisseurs from around the world will meet the renowned Art Basel fair to discover and admire international artists. Leading up to the fair, we proudly introduce our first gallery-focused edition of our “Specialists Speak” series.

In this edition, gallerists and experts from 8 different galleries share with us the 17 contemporary artists you should know right now – from rising stars to mid-career artists.

Autumn Casey’s art has this rare ability to bring the viewer to tears, to rush them through a series of emotion. It has happened in our space, in the museum, and at the fair. I wouldn’t tell you it is a regular occurrence but when it does happen, there is something eerie and fantastic, it is unlike any other experience I know. Casey believes that the more personal she makes her work, the broader audience she reaches. Her ability to create sculpture or video that touches a viewer in such a unique way is priceless. This is rare, this is what makes her work noteworthy and always exciting. I highly suggest never missing an Autumn Casey exhibition.

View available works on ARTSY from Autumn Casey

Magnus Sodamin is an explosive painter. His love for painting is only matched by his love for nature. Sodamin spent some time with us in Los Angeles working on a project this year. If he wasn’t in his studio he was in a National Park in California, Arizona, or Utah. It was amazing to watch the flora and color pallets of the region be immediately absorbed into his paint brush. His brush stroke, his mark making is entirely unique. There is something magnificent about a young artist that can translate this kind of energy onto the canvas. Sodamin is one of these artists. His paintings are an invitation into a world all his own, but once you arrive, you find it vaguely familiar and comforting.

View available works on ARTSY from Magnus Sodamin

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