Modern Luxury on Primary.


Words by Riki Altman-Yee

“The opportunity to once again bring cutting-edge contemporary art to this neighborhood was priceless,” says Books Bischof, co-founder of Primary Projects, referring to the collective’s new digs at the core of Miami’s Design District in the former Baltus House space. He and his business partners, Cristina Gonzalez (who calls herself the group’s “backbone”) and local artist Typoe Gran, have been hard at work curating their 4,200-square-foot stand-alone building with works from artist Autumn Casey that befit their renegade reputation for an exhibition just in time for Basel (Nov. 25 to Jan. 21).

Innovation is nothing new for this trio, which made its name by bringing mural culture, street art and graffiti into Wynwood and the Design District (originally as Primary Flight) and today manages a group of carefully selected artists, develops public arts programs and is often called on to create programming for various venues (such as the current Artist-in-House series at Soho Beach House). “What we do is push the boundaries of what we think artist management is while always looking at new avenues to create dialogue not just with art collectors, but also the communities we live in,” says Gran. As for the future—aside from promising “killer public art commissions” and an “expansion”—Bischof is tantalizingly mum: “I’m sorry to be secretive, but it’s a surprise. A super serious, kick-ass surprise.” One Miami’s art lovers will surely be waiting for.

Books Bischof